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Love Spells Using Pictures

Love Spells Using Pictures And Candles

In order for you to cast a love spell, you can use a picture of the person you love because it is very easy and effective this is because the face and the heart of that person you love are actually in there and that makes it so easy for that person to you love you back.

Here are some of the ways how to use a picture,  For example,   you can put the picture of your loved one in a tin, container, or bottle full of blood.  And in this case,   that blood must be a mixture of your loved one and yours which makes you bond with that person spiritually.

Love Spells Using Pictures And Candles by Baba Ali

Another way is, you can use your picture by placing it under your loved one’s pillow where he or she puts her or his head. This makes him or her dream about you the whole night.

Then,  you can also use candles to cast a spell on your loved one.   Well, in this case,  you can light up candles in his or her bedroom either on the floor or bed full of flowers and the pictures in the middle of the candles.

This kind of spell is effective and efficient because the person easily gets excited and believes that you love him or her and this mostly works for women who easily get attached to things.  You can try these but,   if you are not contented you can contact me and I will help you because,  there more kinds of spells you can use like using salt, urine, and much more.

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