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Spiritual baths that work

Spiritual baths that work effectively

Spiritual baths that work effectively have the power to relax, calm, and get rid of most negative energies such as prison negativity,curse negativity and many more

You know different kind of people live with different problems in lives, some are can be discussed and others are can be secretive.

These spiritual baths will help you overcome any kind of negative energies which can be physical, mental or inner body barriers.

Spiritual bath spells have existed since ancient time as the vehicles of purification of the body and mind. Candles, essential oils, Salts, herbs, and Salts usually make up the best ingredients that will provide healing properties during the ritual bath.

Benefits of Spiritual Baths that work effectively

Taking a spiritual bath regularly can:
prevent prison negativity
prevent curses that were put on you,
Promote inner feelings of calm, warmth, and relaxation.
Prevent sleep issues ,skin diseases and poor blood circulation,
Restore inner peace and harmony with yourself and others.
Reduce feelings of stress, mental blockages, and anxiety.
Increase spiritual awareness and self-love.
chase away spiritual spirits

How to Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath.

1. first step, take a regular bath or shower

Before starting a cleansing bath ritual, whether it’s for love, gay, spiritual protection, money, or either to get banish negative energies, you should first take a regular bath or shower with soap and water as you usually do.

2. second step, boil water and add then herbs

Boil water of about half a gallon in a large pot, i think that will be enough. When it starts to boil, add the herbs in the boiling water, after being boiled let them sit for about 15 or 20 minutes. sort out the herbs before adding it to the bathwater.

3. Third step, Light a white candle

Light a white candle in your bathroom as an offering to your Higher Self or Guardian Angel, asking for their protection and guideness. Meanwhile, fill

the bath tub with the warm water.

4.Fourth step, Pour the herbal water

Get in the bathtub. Take the herbal water and pour it all over your body, from the head to the toes, while gently rubbing and chanting your requests or prayers.

5. fifth step, meditate while relaxing your self

While meditating, start to ask the Universe to cleanse you with this water against all the things that are blocking you and that it will help you attract the things that you want. Take all the time you need.

6. sixth step, Let the air dry you

When you’re meditating and you feel ready, get out of the bathtub don’t dry your self with the towel, let the air dry your skin. but if you insist to use a towel, don’t scrub. Let the salts and oils permeate your skin and remain with you.

Spiritual baths that work effectively

When to take a Spiritual Bath.

Take a bath if you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual self or spirit, have been sad?, depressed, stresses, Are you having conflicts with many people in your environment. You will need to take a spiritual Bath, also if you are feeling any symptoms of a lack of balance in you life, such as:

if your hunted.
Frequent headaches.
Feeling blank or emptiness.
Lacking energy.
Bad dreams.
In case your from prison.
Shivers in the body.

Spiritual Bath Safety Warnings or measures.

These are some measure that should be observed by clients before taking any Spiritual cleansing bath:

Always make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of your bath. If you are using essential oils, rub a drop of the oil on your skin, and check if you have the allergies for that oil.
My Spiritual bath usually do not interfere with medical treatments nor do they replace them.

If you have severe symptoms or might have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor for medical checkups.
Use fresh ingredients like herbs should be fresh for each Spiritual bath you do. Never reuse materials that you’ve already used in another Spiritual bath.
Quick Bath Recipe
2 cups Epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
10 drops essential oil

These herbs and their Magical properties come from green Witchcraft which is the discipline of tuning into the energies of Earth through herbs.

You can get them from the market and if at all you can’t get, you can order for this spell online through my website

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Voodoo spells is a religion that originated in the African region. In north and south America and the Caribbean region, and is a combination of a number of African. Catholic and native American traditions. It is practice all over the world, but there is no accurate count of the number of people who are Voodooists.

Monkey island, it has no scriptures or not the world authority on the other. This is a community-based, and supports the individual’s experience, commitment, and accountability.

How are the different parts of the world, which varies from community to community?

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