I am Baba Ali the voodoo spell specialist


Jan, Miami, Florida

“I reached out to you when I was very ill I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and there are many days that my body ache, fever, brain fog, and exhaustion get the better of me. I am now feeling so much better. The brain fog is gone and I have clarity again. The body ache has disappeared, also. I am feeling better every day. I would highly recommend working with you always and turning to spirit when you are having an incredibility difficult time. Their work is very powerful and layer by layer the obstacles and ailments are removed.”

L. Starling, USA

“I’m so relieved and a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders knowing that what I was feeling was the truth. Baba voodoo your rituals are just so the bets !!! Words cannot express how i am feeling right now. Wow!!!!! Speechless….. thank you so much. And I will take everything you mention into consideration.”

S. Cohen, San Francisco, CA

“just received my package – yey. thank you for your prompt shipping and gifts and the rituals are working pretty well. your cards and marketing materials are beautiful. i tell a lot of folks about you. hope you all are safe land surrounded by love. many blessings and gratitude!”

Kelley, B., MI

“Baba Voodoo! Thank you for the package! So excited to have dolls from your shop! Thank you again for the gorgeous dolls and extras!”

Karen D., Ohio

“Thank you for my new voodoo doll she’s beautiful – I have the perfect place for her and could feel her love and energy without even opening the box. Thank you for the beautiful free gifts too! You guys are the best!

Monique, Pittsburgh, PA

“I cannot thank you enough, baba voodoo and I’m so incredibly grateful. I remember last time we talked over the phone I was a big mess but I’m a lot calmer now and most importantly I have peace. I know I will be coming back to you because I cannot imagine how my life would’ve turned out without your ritual help. I would visit you soon sometime around March or April and I’d love to do a reading with you, I’ll call and make arrangements beforehand. Thank you so much again.”

M. Perring, USA

“ Thank you for my love spell well done it worked very perfectly and we are looking forward to the goodness it will bring into our lives, it is very much appreciated. I would also like to thank you for the lagniappe / free gifts sent: necklace, skull and tea light candles, magnet, and worry stone. These are a nice special touch, as my order was for my daughter’s 30th birthday and a situation in life we are going through together as a family right now. Deeply appreciate all you do and thank you for being here!

SP, Chicago, IL

“I am very happy with my experiences here every-time I worked and come back and will continue to work with you for my spiritual problems . I love the beautiful crafts and dolls you sent to me, I cherish them very much. I am very thankful to you and their generosity they are always very kind in responding and helping me with any questions.”

Lily R., Tampa, FL

“Hi! Please thank baba voodoo so much for the free gifts with my order! I always love opening my packages from voodoospellstahtworks.com as she picks such cool items as gifts! I really appreciate it! My name is Lily!”

M. Foxx, NY, NY

“Hi Baba Voodoo, Thank you as always for my order, the great psychic reading we just did and the free gifts. You are such a blessing. I am finding that I need to cleanse, sage and spray daily to stay balanced these days!! And thank you so much for the tank top every time I wear it I will think of you❤️.”


**These services are based on Spiritual healing or psychic abilities. These services cannot be scientifically vetted and therefore you use them at your discretion. You must be 18+years of age to request for my services**.

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