Money and wealth

How is voodoo Prosperity wealth spell done?

Money spell is part of the “white magic”. Which is design to reduce the impact of negative factors voodoo Prosperity spells. Rate of increase of positive things going to affect all of the processes which is carrying out in cash. This is the most effective way that help to bring economic prosperity in your own lives.

With the help of money spells, it can help you to achieve monetary wealth. Money rituals are a number of different results. The money will be in the form of an unexpected monetary profit. And somebody is going to get expensive, most prestigious jobs. It’s kind of hard to say which one is the manifestation of will on higher power of the energy.

It is made individually for each and every person. There is nothing wrong with the desire for material possessions is going to be. If you don’t have the money, then you really don’t know how to attract it into your life. Ritual to attract money, and money spell is going to help you to become rich.

Money and wealth

If you are one of those who do not believe in witchcraft, and you may want to start out with. A money spell as soon as possible. In fact, the results are very tangible. You can not only use it to improve your finances.

And it’s crucial to talk about the faith and confidence that you get from it. Anyone can do money at spell! If your money spell doesn’t work, for the first time, it simply means that you will have to remove the blocker, or use more energy, repeat it again. Don’t be afraid to dive in and try it out. A money spell create abundance in your life. Things will improve when the money starts to flood in.

How To cast Money spells

First of all, you need to learn to make money and know It is a little bit like water. Money can be a bad or scary. But it can also be really beautiful and nice. In the end, money is, in itself, is completely neutral.

If you worry about the money or the feeling that you don’t deserve it. You will probably won’t have a lot of it. If you do the money spells to get things moving. You can get through them, and create abundance in your life.

When you’re trying to cast a money spell for you, you are basically sending a lot of energy in the Universe, in order to create a steady stream of money into your life. the money takes the path of least resistance in order to reach you. The more links you will leave open in order to receive the money, the easier it will be for you to see the result of your money spell.

An easy money spell that one can do is the money has spell. This is the spell you can do if you’re looking for a long- term wealth and the results are visible very quickly and it’s continuous. If you are someone who   prefers to receive money continuously than in lumps then this money has spell is for you.

How to cast the spell

For this money has spell, you will need a small jar with a lid, a green candle, cinnamon (powdered or stick), cayenne peppers, a pen, a bay leaf, a piece of pyrite and 100-dollar bill.


  • You can start by cleaning your work space and clean the tools u will use.
  • You can meditate on what you want and your intention before you commence.
  • Go ahead and write your intention on the bay leaf (keep in mind you can substitute paper for bay leaf)
  • Create some energy as the idea develop and transfer it to the bay leaf or paper by placing your hand on it.
  • Mix together the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, $100 dollar Bill, bay leaf, piece of pyrite and put everything into the jar and seal it. Use like ten minutes putting your energy using your hands.

Note that you do not need to speak through the spell but you can chant if you wish to.

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